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Cannot start service SPAdminV4 on computer “.”

Symptoms: While running SharePoint 2010 Configuration Wizard, you might get the following error message [stextbox id=”alert”]Cannot start service SPAdminV4 on computer “.”[/stextbox] SPAdminV4 service (SharePoint 2010 Administration service) is the main service of SharePoint which manages administrative SharePoint PowerShell commands. So without SPAdminV4 service running, SharePoint will not work properly. […]

Fixing Office Web Apps Network Connectivity has been lost error

If you’re getting “Network connectivity has been lost. Check your network connection or try again later.” error while viewing Word or PowerPoint files in browser and you are sure that there is no network issue, it can be solved by increasing the permission level of service applications. You can run […]

Open Specific Document Types in New Window

Recently in one of my SharePoint 2010 projects, we needed to open pdf documents in new window by default. After some research I found Ben Ramey’s blog post on this subject. He shared a little JavaScript to open every document in a SharePoint document library in a new window. So […]

SharePoint Balsamiq Mockups

If you’re intended to prototype your SharePoint screens in your projects, you can use Balsamiq tool for drawing mock-up screens. Balsamiq is very useful wire-framing tool which provides lots of templates for drawing mock-up screens. You can find lots of templates from myBalsamiq site. For SharePoint 2013, James Sturges has prepared a mock-up template. So you can easily prepare wire-frame of a SharePoint […]

Windows PowerShell Command Builder for SharePoint 2010

Thanks to my team for introducing me this powershell command builder tool which is developed by Microsoft. It makes easy to write PowerShell commands for SharePoint 2010. The Windows PowerShell Command Builder for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products and Microsoft Office 365 is a Silverlight 4 application that is designed to […]

SharePoint 2010 Updates in Office 2010 Cumulative Update June 2012

Cumulative update package June 2012 for Office 2010 is released. The cumulative update packages for June 2012 contain the latest hotfixes for the Microsoft Office 2010 system and for the Office 2010 servers. Office 2010 June 2012 CU package includes some hotfixes for SharePoint Server 2010 that are published on […]

SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update April 2012

Cumulative update package April 2012 for SharePoint 2010 is released. These packages contain all of the hotfixes for SharePoint 2010 that were fixed since the release of SharePoint Server 2010. Because the builds are cumulative, each new release contains all the hotfixes and security updates that were included in the […]

SharePoint 2010 101 Code Samples

Microsoft released SharePoint 2010 101 code samples project. Each code sample is part of the SharePoint 2010 101 code samples project. These samples are provided so that you can incorporate them directly in your code. Each code sample consists of a standalone project created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and […]