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Hardware Requirements for SharePoint 2013 Development

In SharePoint 2013 Ignite training Kirk Evans talked about the hardware requirements of SharePoint 2013 development environment. You need at least two virtual machines. The recommended or best case scenario is running these VMs on a SLAT supported CPU and at least 32 GB RAM. Actually SLAT is required for Hyper-V visualization. Most of the […]

SharePoint 2013 Ignite Training Notes

Last week I attended the “SharePoint Ignite for Developers” training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. SharePoint Ignite program is designed to give as much as learning material on the brand “new” SharePoint to the developers and IT people as soon as possible. SharePoint 2013 has massive amount of changes both in […]

Best Practices and Naming Conventions for Service Accounts

Recently I found a nice resource on TechNet about the naming conventions for service accounts and best practices for some of these accounts. You can access the whole article on TechNet: SharePoint 2013 Best Practices: Service Accounts (en-US) SQL_Service, for the SQL Server service. SQL_Admin, for the SQL Server administrator. SP_Admin, for […]