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Windows PowerShell Command Builder for SharePoint 2010

Thanks to my team for introducing me this powershell command builder tool which is developed by Microsoft. It makes easy to write PowerShell commands for SharePoint 2010. The Windows PowerShell Command Builder for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products and Microsoft Office 365 is a Silverlight 4 application that is designed to […]

SharePoint Foundation 2013 Installation Problems

I finally installed SharePoint Foundation 2013 Preview. I preferred standalone installation, but I got some errors during installation (Products Configuration Wizard). I don’t know if these errors occur in farm installation.I found a solution on Microsoft support forums. Here is the link of that forum post. Before the errors I […]

SharePoint 2013 Preview Download

Today Microsoft has officially announced Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013. Official Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Page Installation Guide for SharePoint 2013 Here are the download links for SharePoint 2013 Preview. There is a PowerShell script in Jeff Jones’s blog to download everything all […]

SharePoint 2010 Updates in Office 2010 Cumulative Update June 2012

Cumulative update package June 2012 for Office 2010 is released. The cumulative update packages for June 2012 contain the latest hotfixes for the Microsoft Office 2010 system and for the Office 2010 servers. Office 2010 June 2012 CU package includes some hotfixes for SharePoint Server 2010 that are published on […]