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Fixing Office Web Apps Network Connectivity has been lost error

If you’re getting “Network connectivity has been lost. Check your network connection or try again later.” error while viewing Word or PowerPoint files in browser and you are sure that there is no network issue, it can be solved by increasing the permission level of service applications. You can run […]

Office Web Apps Uninstall Issues

When you install Office Web Apps to your environment, it becomes highly integrated  with your SharePoint. You have to be obey some important rules if you want to uninstall one of these coupled components, Office Web Apps and SharePoint. After you unistalled Office Web Apps from the Control Panel, you […]

Office Web Apps Installation for SharePoint 2010

This blog contains the procedures to install Microsoft Office Web Apps on your SharePoint 2010 server farms. You must have admin privileges on your computer to install Office Web Apps. Office Web Apps are the online companions to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft OneNote applications. Office Web […]

Build SharePoint 2010 Development Environment

For some time we’ve been looking for the best development environment for SharePoint 2010. Different than other earlier SharePoint versions, SP2010 can be installed on Windows 7 or Windows Visto for development purposes. Other alternative for development is using virtual machines. I think virtual machine option has still more advantages. […]