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SharePoint 2010 Web Part Error “Type is not registered as safe”

You’ve developed your visual web part and deployed it to your SharePoint Server. When you add that web part to the page, if you get the error states that “Type is not registered as safe”, you have to check a few things in your visual web part project. Check your […]

SharePoint 2010 101 Code Samples

Microsoft released SharePoint 2010 101 code samples project. Each code sample is part of the SharePoint 2010 101 code samples project. These samples are provided so that you can incorporate them directly in your code. Each code sample consists of a standalone project created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and […]

Web Part Maintenance Page

You implement your web part, build and deploy it to your SharePoint server. However your web part page can give errors due to a bug in your code or some other problem. Unfortunately in most cases web part page can not be opened in edit mode. There are many scenarios that causes this kind of […]