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Fixing Office Web Apps Network Connectivity has been lost error

If you’re getting “Network connectivity has been lost. Check your network connection or try again later.” error while viewing Word or PowerPoint files in browser and you are sure that there is no network issue, it can be solved by increasing the permission level of service applications. You can run […]

How to Show Error Details in SharePoint

SharePoint displays very short and user friendly error messages by default. But developers need to know the details of that errors and digging into log files can be very time consuming. In order to display error details and the stack trace of the errors, you need to modify the web.config […]

SharePoint 2010 Web Part Error “Type is not registered as safe”

You’ve developed your visual web part and deployed it to your SharePoint Server. When you add that web part to the page, if you get the error states that “Type is not registered as safe”, you have to check a few things in your visual web part project. Check your […]