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Web Part Maintenance Page

You implement your web part, build and deploy it to your SharePoint server. However your web part page can give errors due to a bug in your code or some other problem. Unfortunately in most cases web part page can not be opened in edit mode. There are many scenarios that causes this kind of […]

Deploy Initial Data With List Instance

This blog demonstrates creating a list instance from custom list definition and deploy some inital data with the list instance. In my previous blog I explained how to create custom list definition with custom content type and gave an abbreviation list example (Custom List Definition in SharePoint 2010). In this blog  I’ll continue with that example. […]

Custom List Definition in SharePoint 2010

In this blog I’ll explain how to create a custom list definition in SharePoint 2010 that contains the following parts; creation of custom fields and a content type for the list creation of list definition creation of a list instance I’ll demonstrate a list definition for an abbreviation list which will have two […]

Office Web Apps Installation for SharePoint 2010

This blog contains the procedures to install Microsoft Office Web Apps on your SharePoint 2010 server farms. You must have admin privileges on your computer to install Office Web Apps. Office Web Apps are the online companions to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft OneNote applications. Office Web […]

Custom Context Menu Item in SharePoint 2010

You can modify content menu of list items in SharePoint 2010. List items’ context menu is called as Edit Control Block (ECB). Create a “SharePoint Project” in Visual Studio 2010 (farm solution) Add new “Feature”. Set the scope of “Feature” according to your needs. Add new “Empty Element” to your […]