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Build SharePoint 2010 Development Environment

For some time we’ve been looking for the best development environment for SharePoint 2010. Different than other earlier SharePoint versions, SP2010 can be installed on Windows 7 or Windows Visto for development purposes. Other alternative for development is using virtual machines. I think virtual machine option has still more advantages. […]

Programmatically Manage SharePoint Recycle Bin

SharePoint object model allows to access recycle bins of web sites or site collections by calling RecycleBin property of the SPWeb or SPSite classes respectively. [crayon lang=”c#”] SPRecycleBinItemCollection recycleBinItemcollection = yourSite.RecycleBin; //or SPRecycleBinItemCollection recycleBinItemcollection = yourWeb.RecycleBin; [/crayon] RecycleBin property will return recycle bin items as SPRecycleBinItemCollection. Items of this collection […]

SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup

A scenario came across this week where we needed to display a cross-site lookup column in our document libraries. A number of document libraries in different sites of a single site collection should have lookup columns so that items of document libraries could be linked to each other. This feature is not […]

SharePoint 2010 CSS Reference Chart

Most companies that are implementing SharePoint request a customized look & feel in order to reflect the style and branding of their company. So design and branding is a key element in any SharePoint implementation. A good understanding of the CSS styles used in SharePoint is mandatory for SharePoint branding. Now […]

Timeout problem with SharePoint Silverlight Web Part

SharePoint 2010 includes several Silverlight components that enhance the out of the box functionality the SharePoint platform provides. There are several ways to integrate Silverlight applications with SharePoint pages. You can check MSDN hands-on labs for detailed information about this integration. One of the integration method is using Silverlight Web Parts which comes with SharePoint […]