Deploy Initial Data With List Instance

This blog demonstrates creating a list instance from custom list definition and deploy some inital data with the list instance.

In my previous blog I explained how to create custom list definition with custom content type and gave an abbreviation list example (Custom List Definition in SharePoint 2010). In this blog  I’ll continue with that example.

First you have to add a list instance to your project.

Right-click on the list definition (AcronymListDefinition) and click Add New Item. Add a new List Instance named as AbbreviationListInstance.

In SharePoint Customization Wizard give a proper display name for the list instance, select list instance and give a relative URL for deployment. If you want to display this list instance on quick launch bar, check the Add this list instance to quick launch bar? checkbox.

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Entity Framework

Model View View Model


In this code sample I’ve added three abbreviations by Row elements. Deploy the project and open your SharePoint site. You will see the Abbreviation List is created with the provided sample data.

Hope this helps..

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