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SharePoint 15 Preliminary SDK

Microsoft has released a technical review SDK for SharePoint 15 (or SharePoint 2013). This preliminary SDK is called as SharePoint 15 Technical Preview Managed Object Model Software Development Kit. You can download and dig into new SDK before next version of SharePoint released. Regarding to the release date of Office 15 […]

Programmatically Manage SharePoint Recycle Bin

SharePoint object model allows to access recycle bins of web sites or site collections by calling RecycleBin property of the SPWeb or SPSite classes respectively. [crayon lang=”c#”] SPRecycleBinItemCollection recycleBinItemcollection = yourSite.RecycleBin; //or SPRecycleBinItemCollection recycleBinItemcollection = yourWeb.RecycleBin; [/crayon] RecycleBin property will return recycle bin items as SPRecycleBinItemCollection. Items of this collection […]