SharePoint 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve never used keyboard shortcut combinations in SharePoint 2010. But today in a usability discussion I wondered which keyboard shortcuts are available in SharePoint and I decided to list those I can find. Using these hot keys can be very effective.

Home Link Alt + 1 -> ENTER
Skip to Main Content Alt + X -> ENTER
Help Alt + 6 -> ENTER
Search Box Alt + S
Site Actions Alt + / -> ENTER
View All Site Content Alt + 3 -> ENTER
Shared Documents Alt + W -> ENTER
Next Web Part Alt + W
Skip ribbon commands Alt + Y -> ENTER


Top Navigation Shortcuts

There are some keyboard shortcut combinations for the top navigation.

Top navigation tab Alt + 1 -> ENTER
Go to next tab Tab -> ENTER
Go to previous tab Shift + Tab -> ENTER


Calendar View Shortcuts

For calendar view you can navigate days, weeks or months according to your calendar view.

Go to previous day, week or month Alt + Shift + < -> ENTER
Go to next day, week or month Alt + Shift + > -> ENTER


List Item Editing Shortcuts

While editing list items you can use the following keyboard shortcuts.

Cancel button Alt + C
Save/OK button Alt + O
Save and Close button Alt + S
Go to previous month in date picker Alt + Shift + < -> ENTER
Go to next month in date picker Alt + Shift + > -> ENTER


Web Part Editing Shortcuts

While editing web parts in web part editor pane you can use the following keyboard shortcut combinations.

OK button Alt + O
Cancel button Alt + C
Apply button Alt + Y


Rich Text Editor Shortcuts

Rich text editor keyboard shortcuts are similar to the MS shortcuts. You can find the list of these combinatons below.

Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Align Left Ctrl + L
Align Right Ctrl + R
Center Ctrl + E
Increase Indent Ctrl + M
DecreaseIndent Ctrl + Shift + M
Font Size Menu Ctrl + Shift + P
Background Color Menu Ctrl + Shift + W
Text direction (Right-to-Left) Ctrl + Shift + <
Text direction (Left-to-Right) Ctrl + Shift + >

Hope this helps..

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