InfoPath Error: Form Server Templates are not accessible

A strange error occurred in one of my projects. In my SharePoint 2013 environment, I’ve a web application running on port 80. When I need another web app, I gave it port 89. After giving a CNAME , I setup AAM and IIS bindings so that users can access my web app by writing instead of http://sharepoint:89. So everything worked fine except InfoPath. I have some InfoPath forms deployed on this new web app running on 89. When I tried to open any of this forms it gave me the following error.

 [stextbox id=”alert”]

The following location is not accessible, because it is in a different site collection:



It was trying to access my form template from the root site collection of web application under port 80. After googling a couple of hours I came up with an idea that it might be due to the request management service. Then I enabled verbose logging level for request management service with the PowerShell command below.

Set-SPLogLevel “Request Management” –TraceSeverity Verbose

When I inspect the logs I saw the request management service is redirecting my form template requests from to http://sharepoint. Only thing I need to do is disable request management service with the following PowerShell script.

$web = Get-SPWebApplication "http://webapphostname"
$rms = $web | Get-SPRequestManagementSettings
$rms.RoutingEnabled = $false

This solves my problem. Maybe this is not the perfect solution and it would be mode appropriate to setup request management service to prevent this redirection. But in my case it doesn’t make difference.

Hope this helps..

Note: Yes, I still use InfoPath 🙂


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