SPC14 Session: Advanced Performance Analysis for SharePoint

Advanced Performance Analysis for SharePoint

Presented by Ryan Campbell

Perfomance Pyramid 

Bottom to up:

  • Server Performance
  • Configuration
  • Traffic
  • User


  • Performance monitor (Server performance)
  • Load testing (server performance and configuration) : It’s good for pushing SharePoint but not good for comparing pages.
  • Browser timers (User and LAN&WAN): No version comparison
  • Network sniffers (LAN&WAN): Difficult to scale between two or three servers
User wants less than 3 secınds

Users will permit up to 5 seconds

  • User: IIS and IP to GPS
  • LAN & WAN: IIS time taken plus cs/sc bytes. Tracert from WPE to client
  • Traffic: IIS rollup an XForwardedFor
  • Configuration: EnumWebs, SPSFarmReport, ULS
  • Server Performance: Performance monitor

Performance Improvement Notes: 

  • Increase the number of database temp files
  • Increase BLOB cache

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