Start & Stop SharePoint 2010 Windows Services

If you are a SharePoint developer, most probably you installed SharePoint Server to your development environment and if you don’t have seperate development server or you’re not rich like me, you ended up with memory shortage. As most of you know SharePoint consumes considerable amount of resources especially memory.
So here is my situation. I have a laptop for development containing the whole SharePoint development toolset (SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio etc.). But since I’m not working with SharePoint all the time, I want to free the resources SharePoint allocates when I’m not actively using it.
I made a search on the web and found the nice post written by Emmanuel Bergerat from Microsoft Canada. He has written these three PowerShell scripts to:

  1. Set the SharePoint 2010 related default services “Startup type” as I wanted (i.e. “Manual”) – used once.
  2. Start those Services when SharePoint 2010 is needed
  3. Stop those same Services when SharePoint 2010 is not needed anymore

Here you can find the original post by Emmanuel:

I made some little changes on second and third scripts in order to stop and start specific IIS web sites which is related with SharePoint. Here are the modified scripts:

Change Startup Type of the SharePoint 2010 Related Services

Start SharePoint 2010 Services

Stop SharePoint 2010 Services

Hope this helps..

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