Best Practices and Naming Conventions for Service Accounts

Recently I found a nice resource on TechNet about the naming conventions for service accounts and best practices for some of these accounts. You can access the whole article on TechNet: SharePoint 2013 Best Practices: Service Accounts (en-US)

  • SQL_Service, for the SQL Server service.
  • SQL_Admin, for the SQL Server administrator.
  • SP_Admin, for the SharePoint administrator and setup user.
  • SP_Farm, for the SharePoint farm service.
  • SP_WebApps, for the user-facing web application app pool.
  • SP_ServiceApps, for the service application app pool.
  • SP_Crawl, default content access account.
  • SP_UserSync, user profile synchronization account.
  • SP_EnterpriseAdmin, powerful account for handling all kinds of high privileg operations.
  • Farm administrators, normal admin user accounts are used as SharePoint Farm Administrators.

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